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Regalo Con Giveaway 7 Controller A Thema Bethesda –

Microsoft, for Celebrate the acquisition of Bethesda, Has decided to offer a prize that will allow a lucky user to win well 7 The controller is a theme Bethesda Compatible Con Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S e PC.

Controllers are based Seven games created by Bethesda And from various Genimax teams, to be precise:

  • Fall
  • Senior scrolls
  • Disaster
  • Wolfenstein
  • Evil inside
  • Insulted
  • Prey

Each Bethesda-themed Xbox controller is a Unique graphic design This makes it perfectly recognizable, but it has the name of the game, which is based on the back. You can see for yourself the creation of Microsoft in the video below shared by Microsoft Aaron Greenberg on Twitter.

Payment has not started yet: All details will be provided via the official Xbox Twitter account tomorrow. So there is nothing to do, but wait until Microsoft reveals every detail. Of course, this is an interesting way to acquire all of Bethesda and other Genimax studios. Keep in mind that the acquisition requires .5.5 billion, so the production of the seven Xbox controllers is not an investment that Microsoft is struggling to retain.

We still do not know what it will be The Future of Bethesda Games: Are they total deductions? Will they come first in the game pass? Will each game be handled independently? Microsoft is a bit vague right now, and it continues to be hard to give a definitive answer.

Recently Xbox Series X | We remind you that the colors of the two new controllers for the S are shown.

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