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Throne, Luca unloads Angela. She said: “I’m older than you, but I’m 4 years younger”

In today’s episode, Monday, March 29, at the center of the study Men and women Knight Luke abandoned the knowledge of a woman named Angela. The latter did not hide the disappointment to the extent that he told her not to have more respect for him. Here is what he said.

Luke and Angela – Solonodis24

Trono Over, Luca unloads Angela

This time the chapter did not start Gemma CalcanI.e. the exploits he made with the knights e Tina Cipollari. Luca, Benedetta and Angela had this word. The latter is considered a lot More mature than riding, even if he is a few years younger. He delivered a speech explaining his position on knowledge: “I’m being teased … you had to say you did not like me … I feel like a fool … I want to meet others, let me know from the beginning who I am dealing with. You have lost my respect.”

‘Our Knowledge is Intermediate’

As for dating Benadetta, Luca said he was fine when he admired his company. However, he needs to figure out if he can pick one that will last over time. In fact, the two said they needed to ‘constantly’ each other. For this reason they have decided to take extra time to figure out what to do. Meanwhile, Angela has assured that she has no intention of seeing Elizabeth again, so she has nothing to fear from rivals. Angela showed herself to be sure of what she wanted, which is why she threw the piece away without batting an eye. Will it really end between them?

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Elizabeth - Solonodis24
Elizabeth – Solonodis24

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Interests about Luca

Luca is an entrepreneur from Milan, 47 years old. After attending the High School of Science he joined the Polytechnic University of Milan. After he graduated, he began working as a project manager at several companies. He is an avid sports fan, loves music, plays the piano and dedicates his spare time to reading. Audiences are not surprised that he impresses a woman of culture like Gemma.

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