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The premium smartphone will be well offered next month

The premium smartphone will be well offered next month

Honor pointed out that the Honor Magic 3 “series” will be best presented at the manufacturer’s conference on August 12.

The presentation of Honor Magic 3 will take place on August 12th

Presentation of Honor Magic 3 on August 12 // Source: courtesy

At the beginning of the week, we learned that Respect Had planned to return to Europe During the August 12 press conference. The Chinese manufacturer will have to present international versions of its high-end smartphones, especially those already launched in China Honor 50, Honor 50 Pro and Honor 50 S.E..

However, another model was expected to steal the show from the other three devices, the Honor Magic 3. This has finally been confirmed as indicated by the manufacturer in the invitation sent on Thursday. “I am incredibly pleased to invite you to the global launch of the Honor Magic 3 series.”, Thus pointed out by the boss of the Chinese brand George Zhao. The invitation appears as a photo gallery, but only refers to its design.

For now, let’s just say we know very little about the Honor Magic 3, except it has a fitted puce Snapdragon 888+ Already indicated by the manufacturer.

Historically, the Magic Range of Honor has been mainly used by the manufacturer to test original designs in the high-end smartphone segment. First Honor Magic, Released in 2016, had device-wide rounded edges and an AMOLED QHD screen. The Honor Magic 2, Launched in China in 2018, is a smartphone with such a sliding screen Xiaomi Mi Mix3. Unlike previous models, Honor seems to have chosen to release its Honor Magic 3 out of China… or instead its Honor Magic 3.

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Four versions of the Honor Magic 3 are expected

At the call of the manufacturer, George Zhao actually talks about the “series”, suggesting that several versions will be offered. On Twitter, the leaked rodent, who is familiar with Huawei and Honor products, indicated that four versions will be announced by the manufacturer.

3SE (like mate 40)
3 (like mate 40 pro)
3 Pro
3 Pro +

– Them () (RODENT950) July 17, 2021

Therefore, an Honor Magic 3 SE similar to the Hawaii Mate 40, Honor Magic 3 will be available. Hawaii Mate 40 Pro, And the two best models, the Honor Magic 3 Pro and the Honor Magic 3 Pro +.

As a reminder, Honor’s new smartphones should be the first since 2019 to embed Google mobile services. Thanks to the resale of the Huawei brand, the manufacturer can actually work with American suppliers again. If Honor Hawaii jobs can be reused, especially in photo processing, this is especially promising for high-end devices.