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Pokemon Unite emulator, How to run MOBA on computer? - Breakflip

Pokemon Unite emulator, How to run MOBA on computer? – Breakflip

Nintendo’s next MOBA has been announced on Pokemon Unite, Switch and Mobile! But can it be run on a computer?

After a long wait, the first official information of Pokemon Unit has come out! We know List of 19 Pokemon that can be played, But also Game release date. It is scheduled for the month July On Switch, And month September on iOS and Android.

But what about PC release? It seems that it does not Not planned, So the official version of the game on the computer can not run. However, There is a solution: use a prototype ! We explain how to do it.

How to play Pokemon Unite on PC?

Once Pokemon Unite Available on mobile, In the month September 2021, It is possible Play the game on the computer using the emulator. If you do not know how, you can easily follow the steps below to get there:

  • Go to the site Bluestocks Download the prototype
  • Click “Download”
  • Install the app
  • Start BlueStacks (emulator)
  • Go to the Google Store (Available to the right of your template, which is the search bar)
  • Find Pokemon Unit and install it

You can do that later Enjoy the mobile version of the game, but not on the computer ! If BlueStacks is not for you, there are other prototypes that can be downloaded to play Pokemon Unite.

As a reminder, you can play Switch from July 21st, as well as iOS and Android 2021 from September.