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At the bottom of the needle, increase the size with vinyl DJs - photo 8 of 8

At the bottom of the needle, increase the size with vinyl DJs – photo 8 of 8

Cremona – Tribute to vinyl Registration shop day Spreads dance vibes at the historic center: Independent Recording Stores Celebration Day – a type of resistance Disc Jockey ’70 Viccolo Portigallo – More than an ancient tribute to the pre-digital music era. The team’s DJ-set Strategy Among the hits of the disco-dance epic, Studio 54’s funky classics, typical fat rhythms of the Italian disco, sprinklers of French touch, alternate rock diversions, home territory and many more, provided the rhythm to the Cromonese evening.

By initiativeVinylistic Cultural Association With support Convenience stores (“What a joy to see the city full of music again,” the vice president commented Sikka Galli) Used on the console Giorgio G.. A key to the box, Alex Negri To Sokabek, Solsolkia DJ Chocolate coffee, Rolotex In the bar behind the diomo, DJ Mouth The Cat and the Fox, Sox & Giovanni Loda Piazza della Base e Claudio Tedesco Under the arcades via Platinum. Tonight it will be repeated at Bar Nuo Sol Ezio Spoldi, In the chocolate cafe with the open console, behind the dioma Emilio Palanthi And with Rolotex at La Piazetta.

Images: Photo – Pavlo CIC

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