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The PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man content provided by Marvel's Avengers has been officially postponed.

The PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man content provided by Marvel’s Avengers has been officially postponed.

Crystal Dynamics developer Crystal Dynamics has confirmed a postponement of PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man content from Marvel Avengers, which will be released soon this summer.

That’s Spider-Man He has been revealed to be coming to Marvel’s Avengers – Controversial as a clean PlayStation add-on – Last August, Crystal Dynamics announced the release date for the character “Early 2021”. However, questions began to grow in the studio earlier this week This revealed the new Marvel Avengers development route map Although Spider-Man covers a period of “summer and beyond”, it is a non-existent phenomenon.

Fans quickly asked if this character was the latest victim of Marvel Avengers Output crashed – What are the “less than expected” sales and delays for the first two heroes of the game since its introduction? PS5- and Series X / S-Update. – Scott Amos, head of Crystal Dynamics Studios, has now moved to address Spider-Man’s apparent absence.

Marvels Rocher – Black Panther reveals.

In a conversation with IGN, Amos confirmed It says “officially, officially, people are doing it now” and Spider-Man is “still on our map for the future”.

The only character to appear on the newly released Crystal Dynamics content roadmap is Black Panther – the arrival of the war for Waganda expansion is currently falling in a slightly darker window for “Summer and Beyond” – Amos IGN explained that Spider-Man will never come before. Amos did not announce a revised deadline for the release of the character, but insisted that “we still expect Spider-Man to come to the PlayStation”.

While Spider-Man’s arrival is still a short distance away, Marvel’s second new Avengers hero, Hockey, has finally arrived as part of Operation: Future Imperfect. Additionally, the long-awaited X / S update for the PS5 and Xbox series is now live, Digital Foundry He has a lot to say about the version If you are interested in its improvements.

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