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An hour-long game of isolation from the former Rainbow Six appeared online - Nert 4.Life

An hour-long game of isolation from the former Rainbow Six appeared online – Nert 4.Life

A ‘Game Time of Rainbow River: Parasite Posted on Facebook. Also known as Rainbow Six Isolation, the game is currently being tested in Ubisoft’s internal studio, but surprisingly one of its videos appeared Facebook.

A This address You will see the picture.

First shown during E3 2019, Rainbow Six is ​​an isolation Spin-off Based on the popular R6S’s Zombies. It is a group-based survival FPS set in the alternative future of the Rainbow Six universe. A future shaken by an alien virus that has turned people into zombies.

Because it’s easy to understand, it’s a game far removed from Tom Clancy’s usual political fantasy, which was used to breathe fresh air into the tactical FBS that was most played online. Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will be tested on the PlayStation Network in recent weeks, but it Technical testing, No one could see anything in the game.

At least until today, when an hour of stolen footage appeared on Facebook Gaming, it would remain there until Ubisoft’s rights could be confirmed. First of all Taste We can see parasitic operators and their skills using parasites, this time within a PvE game.

Players must perform different tasks and complete different tasks Goals Trying to resist the waves of enemies pouring down on you. The reward is increasingly rich and priceless loot, which will improve as you penetrate deeper and deeper into the levels.

Players can try to slow down opponents in different ways and opponents will play different skills and behaviors. The game is expected to be released from April 2021 to September of the same year.

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Rainbow Six: The parasite symbol.