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Station of my life in Berlin: In the actual film - Schnauzer Alley - in Berlin

Station of my life in Berlin: In the actual film – Schnauzer Alley – in Berlin

Many years ago I saw a pregnancy test dropped on the stairs to the S-Pan site. At the time I was laughing at the clich:: Mommy-Keys in Branslawberg, women have to check their HCG value at the train station. Meanwhile, I myself am one of the local mothers.

When I arrived in Berlin by car in 2009 as a newly qualified media scientist on the A24, the journey ended in the Schnauzer Ali, near the underground and S-Ban stations. I had been to Berlin before, visited exhibitions, ran through clubs, and met very interesting people in strange places. Now I wanted to stay. By late winter it was already dark, wet and cold. The subway ran upstairs, the S-Ban down, and life bustled down the street and sidewalk. Something was shining everywhere.

I stood in front of the Colosseum cinema with its curved green writing and dreamed of the cultural abundance of the big city. Across the street I found a video library where the director sorted its movies. I went to the shelves believing firmly that I had descended to heaven.

Berlin, a city of constant change, continued to change over the years, and although my career took its humanitarian orientation, Shaunhauser Alley remained my home.

When the announcement on the train made its name, I quickly felt a dim feeling of home. No matter how tired I was, I never missed getting off at my bus stop. Every time I switched to the Colosseum in sweat, I was involved in big screen movies as if I were in a second living room.

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The cinema is closed now and there is no video library as soon as I go. But I have always loved the suburbs of this major trip, where trams going in all directions open up many avenues. In a few minutes you can leave Berlin – or be in the middle of it. At the same time, the area always seems a little slow. People live here primarily, no dancing, nothing to see tourists.

Instead, in the middle of what was once Berlin’s busiest district, you can enjoy plenty of playgrounds. Still, it’s not boring. A meeting – usually Berlin – with enough unique or humorous characters, like a mob coming from the corner or an old man usually walking hurriedly down the aisle, to greet in a friendly way, ‘Good, good!’