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The Nintendo Switch competitor is offered - but not for you

The Nintendo Switch competitor is offered – but not for you

The official launch of SteamTech sales will not take place until the end of the year, but the first devices of the Nintendo Switch competitor have already been delivered. The consoles end up in the form of dev kits at developer studios so they have the opportunity to upgrade their games to the new platform.

Steam deck goes on a journey: Dev kits for the handheld console are shipped

While PC gamers will have to wait until December 2021 to get their hands on a handheld console, developers could check out SteamTech a few months ago. In an official blog post, Valve announced it The first dev tools of the steam deck Completed, compiled and sent to studio partners.

This gives them the opportunity to test their games on the Steam deck before the console is released and has the opportunity to make some updates on their games. In addition, Valve explains that it wants to give developers a chance through this move Comment on the consoleBefore it goes on sale at the end of the year.

The company also emphasizes that developer tools are from a technical perspective The same devices that players then receive (They are: Steam)

What other wonderful things happened in the world of gaming and technology? In GIGA topics we will tell you:

Wolverine Switch Replacement: Already Success?

Although the steam deck will not officially appear until the end of the year, it is already becoming clear that the switch competitor will win. Looking at the official store page, PC gamers who have now decided to pre-order, Will have to wait for their console until the second quarter of 2022 (They are: Steam Page Steam Tech)

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With this information, it can be assumed that even the valve did not expect such a large flow in the handheld console. Will this excitement continue after progress – And the steam deck can meet high expectations – Will be displayed after release.