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Spiritfarer - Keyart

Competition Resolution: These participants will receive a commercial version of the SpiritFire for Nintendo Switch – Endeavor

We started in early September in collaboration with Skybound Games Spiritual competitionIn which your total Three times business version Thunder Lotus’ most acclaimed adventure game for your Nintendo Switch. All you have to do is tell us in the comments which of the existing stars you like and which one applies to you and your person.

Last night, our virtual lottery angel explained the stars of more than 200 participants in the clear sky and whispered to us the three lucky winners of the competition in the early morning. These readers are especially lucky in their chosen galaxy and can look forward to the business version of Spitfire soon:

Congratulations and thank you so much for participating in this competition. Winners will soon receive a personalized message, followed by the business version of SpiritFare!

Don’t you want to miss more matches with us in the future? Then switches to News subscription management Notice of contests and you will always be notified as soon as we start a new contest!

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