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Joy-Con Drift : Nintendo France réparera toutes les manettes défectueuses, même hors garantie

Nintendo France will repair all defective controllers without warranty

If you are one of them Good peopleYou already know that those who regularly pull their gitters in our columns, and the analog sticks fitted with the switch (and its sugar-free version switch light) are suffering from a disease that affects some players: Joy-Con Drift.

The first filing of A was widely publicized Class activity In the United States, this problem of registering an order even when the switchgear joysticks are neutral, forced the manufacturer to deal with it quickly.

In France, UFC Que Sosir took up the matter in November, although no action has yet been taken.

Although it is very certain that the soap opera is over, Nintendo France director Philippe Lavov questioned the matter yesterday The worldMoreover, his response to this issue is much clearer than the recent answers of his American colleague Doug Bowser. :

We know the latest reports, but to the best of Nintendo France’s knowledge, the number of cases is very low. Also, we do not have any significant flaws in the switch light.

The head of Nintendo France notes that instructions have been given to the manufacturer’s after-sales service so that Joy-Con is not affected or repaired by the popular drift, and this “even when the business warranty expires”, Thus applying the policy in force in the Netherlands.

With this announcement, Nintendo has formalized France’s formal support for defective Joy-Khan, thus taking a step in the direction of players (admitted late). Contacting us yesterday afternoon, the producer has not yet responded to our requests.

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The After sales service The manufacturer chooses an instant formula with different and different interpretations:

If the manufacturer’s warranty period expires or the issue is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, Nintendo may, at its own discretion, be willing to repair or replace the failed component or replace the product.