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The next version of Windows 11 could launch in the summer of 2022

Last year, Microsoft again changed the rhythm of the release of newer versions of Windows. Only 2022 should be bigger Windows 11-Update Give – According to Microsoft in the second half of the year. According to the rumor mill, there may be a “premature start”.

Because so far the Windows team has released two major updates a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. According to the expert Zac Bowden from Windows Central The change to only one major Windows update per year indicates that this update will be released in the middle of the year. Bowden believes he got the information from Microsoft, although the company has always kept a low profile for scheduled release dates.

Common availability in the fall

“As far as Windows is concerned, Microsoft has already announced that the next version of Windows 11 will be shipped in the second half of 2022, which is generally in line with Microsoft’s new release system for Windows,” Bowden said. “The current schedule is that version 22H2 should be completed by May 2022. The final version is expected in the summer and will be generally available in the fall.”

It may indicate an early start, at least if you equate “completion” with the release, and “public availability” equals the time when all Windows users can actually receive the update. In the past, there was usually a period of two to three months between these appointments. Version 22H2 is said to serve the same purpose as version 1511 Windows 10, Which was supposed to complete the operating system with features and changes that it did not do at the time of the first release.

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What is coming

Microsoft has announced some innovations and updates for Windows 11 that will only appear briefly – Windows Insider has dropped out of beta testing again. Features such as actual system-wide dark mode and taskbar function retrieval. Support version for Android applications must be provided with 22H2.

Microsoft is expected to expand the widgets panel with new features and support for third-party widgets. It is said that Microsoft has already contacted the first developers and informed them about how the third party widgets work. New widgets should be available through the Microsoft Store.

Version 22H2 is locally codenamed “Sun Valley 2”, which makes it even more reliable compared to 1511, as this version was codenamed Threshold 2 after its first release.

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