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Blacknock.  Dedicated application for the Lantern Festival

Blacknock. Dedicated application for the Lantern Festival

The Blacknock Lantern Festival runs through Tuesday, February 1 and welcomes visitors from 6pm to 11pm. The festival has introduced its free application in two languages, French and English, to accompany them throughout their visit. It allows them to prepare for their arrival and their welcome to the festival, in all calm, to provide all the useful details and to answer all their questions. Useful information is provided there, whether by bicycle, car, motorcycle or scooter and of course by walk or by public transport. Best of all, it offers integrations and contacts of hotels and restaurants in Blagnac and related access and maps. This application provides the opportunity to post notifications in real time throughout the festival, demonstrating the practicality of communicating in case of emergencies (traffic, parking, tramway, closure due to bad weather, etc.). Podcasts will be posted online during the festival. To download from Playstore or Apple Store, depending on the smartphone’s Apple or Android technology, learn more:

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