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Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio

The main characters behind Super Monkey Paul and Yakuza leave the Seka-tower

Seka gave Umstrukturierung von Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio The management site is known to be in the process of being filled. The reason Departure of Toshihiro Nakoshi and Daisuke Saido, Two longtime Sega players and now former executives of Ryu Ka Kodoku Studio. The group is best known for working on brands such as Yakuza, Judgment and Super Monkey Ball. Suitable for Nintendo fans, Mr. Nakoshi also worked as a maker of the F-Zero GX during the GameCube era.

Masayoshi Yokoyama, Who previously worked as a series producer for Yakuza, is now taking over studio management. Ryosuk Hori And Hiroyuki Sakamoto Rise as CEO or Chief Producer for the Yakuza series and take on more responsibility within the Ryu Ka Kodoku Studio. Mr. Yokoyama confirmed in a message on the studio website The next Yakuza title, Ichiban will continue Kazuka’s story, and Yahoo: likes to take into account fans’ comments about Dragon.

Mr Nakoshi and Mr Saito did not disclose where their next trip would take them. Players still don’t seem to be leaving the video game field. A rumor since August To strengthen the company’s operations in Japan, Mr. Netizen Games said the Chinese company wants to hunt down Nakoshi. Recently a new developer team was established with Oka Studio. Both may have actually been inspired by the Chinese competition. For now this is speculation.

If you are interested in full news and farewell news, you can Here Read up.

How do you feel about the departure of Toshihiro Nakoshi and Daisuke Saido? Can the team get by without the old hands?

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