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Test zu RiMS betting - Nintendo Switch - ntower

Test zu RiMS betting – Nintendo Switch – ntower

There are tons of racing games on the Nintendo Switch, but not all racing games are created equal. Some people try to focus more on the fun of the game and give up reality altogether. Others want to be as realistic as possible and, above all, offer more sophisticated tuning options for motorsport fans so that betting is not the main focus, but everything around it should be particularly important.

The game is probably not a graphic fireworks display.

Ac Nagan

The RiMS racing title we tested here on the Nintendo Switch focuses on a small target group: Motorsport fans who are very interested in what the gearbox, any tire or how many liters of fuel in personal vehicles and what the driving tactic does on the racetrack. As you can guess from the text, I am simply saying that I do not belong to this target group and very few people belong to it. In my opinion, such a title should expand the target groups and even the MotoGP title does not do a good job of addressing players outside the target group. So I was curious to see if the live competition RiMS racing would also win, at least the developers have won over Nacon, the publisher who sells many racing games and is well known for the well-known WRC FIA World Rally Championship Series. In RiMS racing, the focus here is on two-wheelers, because unlike other vehicles, motorcycles need to be careful, to keep in reserve and not fall off the motorcycle.

First of all: I think the menu is very attractive and professional, I really like the future soundtrack that comes with you through the menus. Although the menus are beautifully nested, you can get used to them after a while, especially professionally. You start with a short tutorial that initially focuses only on motorcycle controls. In the German setting you can hear the female voice or jump the lyrics fast. At first you will not be sent to the deep end because in recent times when you start your first real race you will realize how complicated the game really is. It takes a few hours for you to become familiar with the controls, because before that you will fall from your motorcycle at every bend and lose precious time. This is very frustrating and difficult to get started. After a few hours of play, you should know when to use the front and rear brakes (ZL and A buttons). What I particularly miss on the Nintendo Switch are the controller’s analog trigger buttons. The developers certainly can not help this, but in this game there is an urgent need for something like that, because there are many disadvantages if you can only give the whole breath, especially in the corners.

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There is a lot of focus on detail in the title, which is unfortunately based on technology.

Ac Nagan

The heart of the game is the professional mode, which not only brings you many events, but also introduces you to 9 licensed circular courses and 5 straight routes, as well as many officially licensed spare parts. Among the many racing events, there are a total of 12 academy events, which gradually bring you closer to personal activities. I think it’s well resolved here that you do not get bored with 12 tutorials in a row, but first you can train what you have learned in some racing events, then you have to compete in a new academy event. As a regular professional, you can raise money on races, buy new vehicles, equipment and components and invest in research, for example to open new analytics functions. During races, you can view details of individual components by pressing the “-” button, thus deciding whether a pit stop is really necessary. This was also well resolved, but ordinary people like me are overwhelmed by these activities.

But now to the other side of the coin: technology. It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch is significantly less powerful than other consoles, so running a game properly requires significantly more boarding work. Unfortunately, RiMS Racing did not do this properly because the graphics were screwed up a lot at first. Tracks and motorcyclists look very blurry and it is a shame that you do not see a big difference graphically on a dry and wet road. But it doesn’t stop there, because the game doesn’t always run smoothly. Especially when you look at the 9 other drivers in the picture, the frame rate is halved and the game jerks a lot. The RiMS Racing split screen has two-player mode and is constantly running, so it is useless. Yes, the game also has an online mode, but I can not tell you about my experience as I can not find any player and it is difficult to find players due to lack of cross game. It’s a shame how such an awesome game was ruined by such bad technology. Most of the time it’s still playable, but unfortunately the performance is a big drag on the fun, too bad!

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