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Home Fitness - Improve Your Workout at Home with the Nintendo Switch / Play Experience

Home Fitness – Improve Your Workout at Home with the Nintendo Switch / Play Experience

Want to do something for your fitness and invite the Nintendo Switch to your property?
Then publisher and developer Marvelous Europe Ltd will have a solution with Knockout: Home Fitness.

Developed in conjunction with Japan’s leading personal training app Knockout: Home Fitness invites players to do the calorie burning exercises that only Joy-Khan needs on the Nintendo Switch. As part of these practices, athletes practice a variety of martial arts, including boxing, karate, and Muay Thai. These exercises are with four different coaches in the game, all of which are set to music in English, French and German.

Those who want to improve their fitness in the long run can take advantage of the “personal training” mode, which is a daily program tailored to the specific goals of the athletes. For those looking for something more casual, the “3-Minute Exercise” method is one thing – a quick and easy workout with a variety of exercises that invite you to explore. The more you play and practice, the more practices you open up. It does the daily workout at Knockout: Home Fitness Success!

Knockout: Home Fitness offers a downloadable demo version of the title for interested players to celebrate the launch of Marvelous Europe Limited Nintendo iShop And gives them the opportunity to try out the functions of the exercise game. In addition to a tutorial that introduces players to the dynamics of the game, the demo version also includes five different training sessions. The demo is limited to 20 training sessions per Nintendo account.

Knockout: Home Fitness is now available for Nintendo Switch in Europe and physically and digitally at select retailers Nintendo iShop Available

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