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The Legend of Zelda: The Netflix series is a fact, but Nintendo canceled it following the leak

The Legend of Zelda: The Netflix series is a fact, but Nintendo canceled it following the leak

In 2015, the The Wall Street Journal Revealed thatSeries taken from the license Description of Zelda From Nintendo Was in preparation before Netflix. Very serious rumor Builder Then Sadoru Ivada Soon the information was contradictory. However, This plan is really real.

This is actor Adam Conover who admitted in a podcast Surf Times, It revealsHe was in touch Nintendo As part of the project Star Fox, Inspired Fantastic Mr. Fox By Wes Anderson. What allowed him to learn the most interesting things:

I worked in college comedy and we had a secret plan where we were going to do an animated plasticine version of Star Fox with Nintendo. I know because Shikeru Miyamoto came to our office and I remember asking my boss if I could be in the office that day – because it was the weekend – because I wanted to pass Shikeru Miyamoto. He said no to me, I’m still angry with him …

Then, a month later, suddenly rumors came that Netflix was not going to make its The Legend of Zelda. I asked myself, “What happened?”. I asked my boss if we were no longer doing our Star Fox. I asked myself, “What happened?”. It said “Someone on Netflix leaked the Legend of Zelda thing, they shouldn’t talk about it, Nintendo got nervous … and they shut everything down, and the whole program to change these things.”

These projects are very attractive on paper, so do not see the light due to leakage Netflix, Which is not explicitly appreciated Nintendo. What a pity for the fans … who can convince themselves The Legend of Zelda – Encyclopedia To Over 45 Amazon.

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