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Nintendo Switch : Une application pour jouer aux jeux PC, la preuve en vidéo

An application, video source to play PC games

Thanks to a new application, owners of Nintendo Switch and PC will soon be able to play second games first. According to recently released videos, the system is already working.

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Rainway is a system that allows you to play up to 60 FPS remote PC games (via web browser or special application) streaming across multiple devices Like MAC, smartphone … or switch. In fact, Rainway developers are currently working on a version of the app that will be offered on the Nintendo Switch EShop.

If the upgrade and optimization are not complete, titles such as NieR Automata, Overwatch, RuneScape, The Witcher 3 or Batman: Arkham Knight are already running in Switch:

According to Rainway developers, The service is free, It does not use the cloud, it can be used locally and online (to continue wherever a game starts on the computer). For better playing convenience, the controls can be configured according to the device used to play the game. The only restriction mentioned by the creators of Rainway is that the PC that streams the game to the switch (or other device) must run it at 60 frames per second.

If the first tests appear to be decisive / motivating, the question of Nintendo’s reaction to this application remains unanswered. Will the manufacturer allow the release of this app that will cause people to lose control of what they are playing on the switch? The future will only tell.

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