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In My Shadow

Shadow games on the Nintendo Switch – in my shadow this month – ntower

Shadow Something attractive. If the lighting conditions are right, a black figure will come with you at every step. Initially, it led people to perform shadow games and create creepy figures with their hands. Video games such as We Classic The Shadow Runner and Dark Tower Puzzles also use shadows as a game element.

Entwigler PlayPay Now you have confirmed Puzzle In my shadow Already on 25.09.2021 The Nintendo Switch will appear on the Nintendo iShop. In the title you place objects in the room so that your figure moves More than 50 levels Can be balanced. The story revolves around Bella, who finds it difficult to respond to her father’s text messages due to difficult childhood memories. You can find out for yourself how it relates to shadows in a few days on the Nintendo Switch. If you pre-order the title on the Nintendo EShop, you will receive it 15% discount And should be replaced 11.99 Euro Only 10,19 Euro Counting.

What was your first impression of my shadow?

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