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The leak first reveals the game

The leak first reveals the game

We learned from a former inner mouth a few days ago Des Studios Rockstar Games (Named for his leaks Content of licensed games), What GTA VI Will see daylight, but on an unknown date. However, some argue that the game will not see daylight before 2023. Fortunately, we can count on it Some experts in this matter, Were already able to provide us with the details, and To satisfy the most impatient fans.

We already know that GTA6

Rockstar Games Not yet officially announced GTA VI, Or did not confirm that a new game was in development in the series. However, several reports have already been released on the matter, confirming it GTA VI In fact already in development, May be PS5, Xbox X Series, Xbox S Series and PC.

We still have very little information on this matter, but as nothing has been officially confirmed New report on sports However, we learned one primary detail in history G.T.A.. The hero of the day is known as the one who leaked information on the networks Tom Henderson, And he was previously known for several scoops Call of duty.

The first female protagonist

By addressing Twitos, Henderson Revealed it recently GTA VI Playing a The female protagonist And A male protagonist, A first History G.T.A. :

However, for now, we don’t know if he can choose his character for the whole game (as it is). Cyberpunk 2077), Or if the game offers Two early protagonists Any players can change depending on the situation. Can we believe it? Henderson on parole ? OK, He is far from the first to spread this information, But his report is the most accurate and reliable we have ever collected. Unfortunately for us (we have already known this for many years), Rockstar Game Policy Very strict with the rumors: no comment has been made on this No rumors, Or Hypothetical “leaks”. So the official confirmation will definitely have to wait a little longer.

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