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At CES 2021, Samsung unveiled the new digital cockpit for future cars

At CES 2021, Samsung unveiled the new digital cockpit for future cars

Car interiors Samsung wants to make its point by presenting its vision of more and more technological and future cockpits. In the case of CES 2021, BroughtThe evolution of its digital cockpit, His idea of ​​what the interior environment of future cars will look like Thanks for connecting to 5G.

Digital Cockpit 2021

The Digital Cockpit 2021 was designed with purpose in mind Facilitate communication and make the journey more enjoyable. Inside this cockpit we have one Large 49 inch QLED display Combined with a sophisticated audio system. These technologies allow users to enjoy a personalized entertainment experience while at the same time interacting with them.

Once the car is parked, the passenger compartment can Will become a place to play, Watch a movie or attend a concert with comfort. Also, by driving an autonomous vehicle in the future, it cannot be forgotten that it is important to provide solutions that make people pass the time while traveling.

One of the biggest strengths of the digital cockpit is the 5G technology, which enhances the user experience by allowing Use all features without interruption. Not only entertainment, but also productivity. Samsung’s Digital Cockpit 2021 lets you Turn the interior into a mobile office Can work even when you are traveling. You can make video calls and edit videos.

For Samsung, The well-being of the passengers Important and therefore Samsung has integrated an expanded version of the health service into the new digital cockpit. This automatic is called Samsung Health. This solution analyzes the health of the passengers before boarding the car, monitors their stress in real time during the journey and adjusts the passenger compartment lights and other parameters to make the journey more relaxed. This solution also helps to ensure that the driver is always alert while driving.

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Control display In the rear center there is a touch panel on the armrest, which allows passengers to manage various functions. When driving, only the top half of the 49-inch screen is visible. When the car is parked, the screen appears in all its sizes to allow you to enjoy all its benefits. There is a display in the center of the steering wheel This allows the driver to quickly access certain functions. Harmon Auto System speakers are installed on the head restraints of each seat.

That’s not all because it also features a Samsung fantasy vehicle Rear exterior screen Allows users to enjoy a wide range of content during outdoor activities such as camping. And at the forefront of driving safety, the digital cockpit 2021 Provides 360 view monitoring system. This is a system that uses 4 cameras and in-depth learning while driving to identify vehicles and pedestrians near the car to reduce the risk of accidents.

2021 allows digital cockpit drivers Communicate with everyone outside Using audio and video signals. For example, the front view can be used to display messages to pedestrians. A steering wheel can be used to attract the attention of other drivers and pedestrians.