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impots bug million francais

The site no longer works and raises questions

So what’s happening on the website platform? For almost an hour this Friday, I was unable to open an account to access documents and make transactions. Fracture, discovered by Geek DiaryImplemented by a descriptive insert on the homepage.

The information message is as follows: “Some documents at private and professional intervals are temporarily unavailable for consultation and use of Impots.gouv. No documents are lost. Our teams are actively working to restore the service.

Update on 02/26/2022 at 08:30: Difficulties in accessing documents continued after the first failure reports on the site. We do not yet have explanations for you. Some internet users say they are not worried anymore. In mobile application, there will be no problem in reporting.

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After trying to connect, we are plagued by another error message confirming the unavailability of government services. “We invite you to update your request later” Can we read. The operating system did not provide any details, but indicated that its technical teams had been notified of the situation and were working to restore services.

“No document lost”

However, to reassure those concerned, the failure message promises: “No document lost”. However, on the platform, we find that some of our administrative documents are missing. For many, it’s about income tax returns and property taxes.

As always Geek Diary, Places for individuals only are relevant. If you want to combine a professional space for the management of your company, you should not experience the consequences of the failure of

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