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PlayStation Plus: Game Pass Competitor Prices and New Subscriptions Released?

PlayStation Plus: Game Pass Competitor Prices and New Subscriptions Released?

PlayStation Plus: Game Pass Competitor Prices and New Subscriptions Released?



Giantbomb’s Jeff Krubs makes headlines again when he talks about Project Spartacus, Sony Playstation’s future subscription service for PS4 and PS5 consoles. Beware as he reveals what he thinks the prices and offers of this PS Plus 2 will be.

Project Spartacus, which has been rumored for a few months now, is once again being talked about in a very talkative way. Jeff Krubs of Giantbomb. According to him, the announcement of this new subscription formula, which will replace the PlayStation Plus, and he goes even further by revealing the offers available at the beginning of the service.

Sports Station

UFC 4 and Planet Coaster are free to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers: Find out the details of the 3 apps that will be offered this February, compared to last month.

Project Spartacus Prices and Subscriptions

According to Jeff Krubs, here are 3 formulas available for the release of this new model for Sony services:

  • $ 10 subscription per month This should be similar to the PlayStation Plus subscription we all already know.
  • $ 13 subscription per month Has access to 300 games for download. So one might think that this is Sony’s famous “Game Boss”. We still do not know what this table is made of, but it’s a shame if Sony is satisfied with Microsoft’s copy: PlayStation consoles are full of cult headlines that would be nice if they were on our HDDs.
  • $ 16 subscription per month Provides the opportunity to download demo versions of games to create your own mindset before checking out.
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A clear answer to the game pass

Sony needs to change its subscription formulas for its various services, which is a guarantee: the PlayStation Now brand, between the two waters, probably had its day. To believe that there will be a slight change in the games available for download from Sony, it is definitely better to get rid of it. Truth be told the name PlayStation Plus is still well established and it is hard to imagine the manufacturer going any further with it. As we mentioned above, Anyway, we hope that the souls of our retro-gamers will get their money’s worth, and Sony plans to fill its future service with applications that have created the pinnacle of different generations of PlayStation consoles.