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The green pass duty also applies to condominiums

The green pass duty also applies to condominiums

With Order-Act 21 September 2021, n. 127, Published in the Official Gazette, extended the duty of the Government Green bass To the whole work world (Download the free guide: Duty to get green mastery at work)

October 15 to December 31, 2021 – Emergency Law Expiration Date – Only if all workers, both public and private, actually have access to the workplace Covit-19 Green Certificate, Showing on request.

Employers will oversee compliance with requirements to define the operational procedures of the regulations by 15 October, organize checks even on a sample basis, and identify competent individuals responsible for detecting any violations.

However, there is no explicit provision in condominium matters in the order. It is therefore questionable whether the subjects approached by the condominium administrator and the company for various reasons are compliant with the duty Green bass.

The starting point is the regulatory data: this mandate provides for green pass duties for all workers in the public and private sectors, who carry out their work, training or volunteer activities in any capacity. And in terms of external contracts.

Although condominium is not explicitly mentioned, the answer can only be positive.

Say L ‘Building AdministratorAs often happens, he is a freelancer, in fact he needs a green pass to access the workplace, whether it is his own studio or condominium building. This applies to the caregiver or caretaker of the condominium, and anyone who works, trains or volunteers there. In these cases, the control over the holding of certificates rests with the administrator as the employer of these subjects.

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A director who is a freelancer may not be told that if he has co-workers or studio collaborators or fulfills his duties on his behalf, they should be approached too. Anti-Govt Certificate.

Through the administrator, condominiums outsource work or maintenance interventions: from roof renovation, to facade whitewashing, to maintenance and cleaning of common areas.

In these cases, the duty of the green pass is explicitly provided by order: anyone working in the archive must actually have the certificate and show it upon request. However, the restrictions are no longer the responsibility of the administrator, but of the owners of the companies entrusted with the task.

As for individual condominiums, it is obvious that access to their place of residence is beyond obligation. Green bassHowever, one wonders if they are obliged to keep and express it to participate in the condominium assembly.

If the meeting is held outside a condominium, such as gyms, restaurants, or cultural centers, access to such duty is already in fact obligatory under the now-known rules: verification of certification holdings will not be in any case ‘Building Administrator But the owner, manager or proprietor of the places concerned.

On the other hand, if the meeting takes place within the condominium, the obligation to obtain a green pass should be waived because it is not a workplace.

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