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Astronomers have detected 1,652 radio signals from unidentified cosmic objects

Astronomers have detected 1,652 radio signals from unidentified cosmic objects

The International Astronomical Union discovered 1652 Radio signals From a mysterious cosmic source, in a distant galaxy, pointed out Sub Oct. 14. Step A study Published in Magazine NatureUnidentified source provided these signals in just 47 days.

It seems that more and more mysteries are being unraveled in the universe. Explosions Fast radio (Fast Radio Explosions, FRB) One of the most fascinating cosmic phenomena for our astronomical physicists. In 2007, The first signals were detected Since then, they have confused scientists with their evidence. The FRB First spotted at 121102, 2012, the astronaut world was fascinated. An international team of astronomers recorded 1652 radio eruptions in 47 days By unknown source. In China, between August 29 and October 29, 2019, observations were made using a spherical radio telescope with an aperture of five hundred meters (FAST). Previously, the number of eruptions Report from this Proof There were only 349.

Ping Zhang, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, explains This is the largest model to explode from a single source FRB Collected to date . Furthermore, no sign of time was found, which excludes the hypothesis of a Single source rotating like a pulsar.There may be more than one mechanism to create FRB From a single source, repeated observations of evidence are needed to confirm this Zhang writes. According to the professor, Explosions are probably made from the magnetic fields of magnets », A rare typeNeutron stars, Cosmic objects born from the fall of a star.

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FRB 121102 The first source of rediscovered radio signals. It comes from a dwarf galaxy three billion light-years from our planet. While the evidence is a mystery to astronomers, this finding will allow them to obtain definitive results.

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