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Call of Duty cheat is already in the hands of hackers!  |  Xbox One

Call of Duty cheat is already in the hands of hackers! | Xbox One

Activision announced the ricochet this week with great fanfare. This is new Anti-cheat software Will be used first in the release Call of Duty: Vanguard, And later this year Call of Duty Warson With the Pacific update. But even before it was used by players, the ricochet was already leaked and is now in the hands of hackers.

Is Ricochet intentionally leaking or the real problem?

You wonder if this is a joke or not. Even before this solution was used and used by the public, Ricochet was already in operation.

According to the Anti-Fraud Police Department, Ricochet’s kernel has already been leaked and fraudulent software makers have already read it and are working to turn it into a reverse engineer.

Last July, the same group demonstrated use IPod User Service Software It is finally in the view of the activism groups.

The capture of the Anti-Fraud Police Department team shows us a forum that proves the leakage of anti-cheat software into some intelligent communities. Everything says that this is actually a product of Activision Publishing. In their opinion, the kernel driver is easily bypassed, and the thing that worries them the most is Activision’s weak security.

How did the hackers get there before the driver was available? Not only do they know it, but they deserve to be questioned. Leaks are possible in the process, but for what purpose? There may have been a deliberate leak to test the techniques used, but it is true that the cat and mouse game between Activision and the hackers did not end there.

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