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"The Great Suspender": Google disables the popular Chrome extension due to malware

“The Great Suspender”: Google disables the popular Chrome extension due to malware

The popular browser extension “The Great Suspender” went into effect immediately on Thursday by Google. This program has been disabled for users who have installed the Chrome browser extension on their computer and can no longer be used. According to Apply Media reports Users received the error message “This extension contains malware”.

According to the Google Web Store, “The Great Suspender” has been downloaded more than two million times worldwide for Chrome. The browser extension ensures that Chrome requires as little system power as possible – even if users have multiple tabs open at once. To do this, the extension disables unused tabs.

According to a media report, the browser extension has been updated, Sold to unknown operator. Then it was November Programming platform Kitup ReportsThey may misuse the browser extension for malicious or fraudulent purposes. Accordingly, the program should be up to date after updating to version 7.1.8. Run code from servers believed to be associated with tracking and fraud in the past. The update was installed automatically, but – unlike before – the code was not released.

Microsoft Locked the program from its Edge browser. Subsequently, the unknown operator of the extension released an update stating that the controversial code should not be reloaded.

This is to protect you from malicious browser extensions

Op Google It is not yet known whether “The Great Suspender” has been suspended permanently or temporarily.

IT security experts have repeatedly warned that browser extensions that are supposed to do only minor, practical tasks could become a gateway to malware. Users who want to protect themselves from danger should always check which developer is behind the browser extension and whether there are important reports about them or their program.

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