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Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV Skip 2021, a New Call at Christmas - Nert 4. Life

Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV Skip 2021, a New Call at Christmas – Nert 4. Life

During the latest financial results, Functional blizzard Confirmed it Overwatch 2E Diablo IV, Two of the company’s most anticipated games, will most likely be released by 2021 2022. Call of Duty, the only big name coming up before Christmas, is scheduled for a new episode later this year.

2021 may be the year waiting for blizzard fans. During the recent conference Financial results In fact, Activision said it did not expect to release the Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV in 2021. The two games presented during Blisscon 2019, after the announcement disappeared from our radar, are surrounded only by rumors about the state of development and other.

Now we understand the reason: works, go slow, Activision Blizzard predicts growth of at least 12 months before releasing its games. So the only big name that could come up this year would be new Call of duty.

Recent rumors say it will come back Sledgehammer (WWII and Advanced War) led by operations. Just like what happened this year, Call of Duty: Warson will not be affected by this change, in fact, in one way or another it will incorporate the new system into the Royal War.

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