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Can GTA6 be announced during the February Super Bowl 55?  -

Exit and setup emerges from a leak, good and bad news –

GTA6 Returns as the protagonist of new rumors, always with the fact that they are completely unofficial and verifiable, so they should be taken as they are, in this case Release date and system Of the new chapter, probably leading Good and bad news Together.

Everything starts with one “Liquor Anonymous” The Reddit report, and it already says that all information should go to the pliers because there is no guarantee of truth, but on the other hand who can tell. Good news is about the system, which is specific and interesting: according to reports, a new chapter will be set Usually Miami or Florida in the 70s.

The story will be on a basis Single male protagonist, With episodes progressing in episodes like Red Dead Redemption 2, but apparently not with the same dramatic tone. Set in Florida in the 70s and especially in Miami, a Map It appears small but dense in elements, with a story that lasts approximately 60 ore.

A remarkable evolutionArtificial intelligence, Which was also rumored in other rumors, based on the release of some patents recorded by Take Two and Rockstar Games. A wide range is offered Activities Go into the map e “Adult” content, Complete with elements of nudity like “Cyberpunk 2077” and more. Free access to trips and “most politically incorrect” arguments between interesting features.

The bad news is about the release date: obviously Rockstar games still have a lot to do, and according to the rumor in question, the release is only scheduled October 2023So, the wait will be even longer. Frankly, take it all as mere rumors.

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