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The first major PS5 update comes tomorrow with new storage options

The first major PS5 update comes tomorrow with new storage options

This update is not yet something that will allow players to expand their console storage space with the M2 Drive, this feature is the latest news scheduled for this summer. But as of tomorrow, you can store your PS5 games on a compatible external USB drive, making room without removing them, which until now could only be done by games. PS4 Unlike PS4 games, PS5 games are designed to work with the console’s SST, so they cannot be launched directly from USB storage by default. “You can easily copy your PS5 games to the console’s internal storage when you want to play them. Reinstalling PS5 games from USB Extended Storage is faster than re-downloading or copying from disk“, Can we read? A page dedicated to USB Extended Storage has been put online Here To answer questions.

The PlayStation Blog Beginning with the appearance of new social features on the PS5 and describing the rest of the update in a broader update on the PS4. Shared game activity from party chat will support both generation consoles. “PS5 console users can show their game screen to their friends on the PS4 console and try out PS5 games through SharePlay (and vice versa). Available options include the ability to share your screen with a friend, almost send your controller to them, or give them a second virtual controller to play together in a collaborator.“, We are told.

PS5 users will have the right to modify the Game Base menu, the purpose of which is to provide quick access to important functions and content, particularly to facilitate inter-party switching, for which we can enable and disable notifications for each. Chat rooms. New practical options such as the ability to turn off game chat or adjust other players’ personal voice chat volume will also appear. If the “Automatic Updates” parameter is enabled, the console will be sufficient to automatically download game updates while they are running or in idle mode.

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The game library will be upgraded to search for games, hide them, or customize its display. File enthusiasts will find a new statistic screen where they can see the summary of the file level at a glance. On the same theme, we may choose to record captures or clips only to obtain rare trophies (gold or platinum, for example), and not even a tiny trophy.

Finally, users of the PlayStation app will discover new features designed to facilitate remote communication with their console. “We recently added options to save products in the wishlist, receive notifications when your friends are online, and change the online status of your console. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to add a multiplayer session from the app to the PS5, including managing your PS5 console storage, comparing your file collection with your friends, and filtering products. PlayStation Store. You can download the PlayStation app for free from Google Play and the App Store“, Can we read?