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Fortnight, the new super skin “designed” by a Hollywood actress

Fortnight is once again enriched, this time with the skin of a famous Hollywood actress.

Fortnight, New Skin designed by a Hollywood Actress (Twitter Screen Shot)

News Fortnight They never end. Users who struggle with the epic game title every day get used to it For multiple and continuous updates Developers make it available from time to time, gradually changing everything with freshness and timeliness.

The real primary Royal of War Continuing partnership with Status brands and celebrities. A few days ago we told you about the arrival of a super event dedicated to the football star Neymar, But the news did not end there. Soon comes the new cabinet dedicated to a beloved Hollywood actress: we are talking Bree Larson, Also known as Captain Marvel.

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Fortnight welcomes Bree Larson again: Leather

A skin that is completely dedicated Bree Larson? Not this time. Like players Fortnight They need to know, in fact, that a camouflage is already dedicated Captain Marvel, But this does not mean that the well-known Hollywood actress can never get her hands on a video game again. In fact, cosmetics from his locker will soon be available and can be purchased directly at the item store. It will be “multi-season” skin Woods Defender To renew itself with a fifth exclusive look. This is actually Larson’s favorite incarnation, he has He wanted to change it in his own way.

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As the actress herself explained, new styles They go back to the Bush kids (Name of Captain Marvel’s team at Fort Knight). There really is one PB tag And decorative back Ronsino With new color scheme. Although Mielachete pickaxe Updated according to the exact indications of the actress. The “Free Larsen Locker” bundle is already available 1000 V-Bucks discount.