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Sur cette image issue d'une simulation, un trou noir supermassif pesant 200 millions de masses solaires se trouve au premier plan. Sa gravité déforme la lumière du disque d'accrétion d'un petit trou noir compagnon presque directement derrière lui, créant cette vue surréaliste. Différentes couleurs pour les disques d'accrétion facilitent le suivi des contributions de chacun des trous noirs. © Centre de vol spatial Goddard de la Nasa, Jeremy Schnittman et Brian P. Powell

NASA recreates the dance of light around two orbiting miraculous black holes, which is amazing!

Hundreds of millions of times the mass of the Sun and a pair of supermassive black holes with their accumulated disks separately affect the surrounding light waves. NASA has now explained this phenomenon with images of simulation obtained with a supercomputer.

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[EN VIDÉO] Gravitational waves: their detection is explained in a minute
That’s it, gravitational waves have been detected. These fluctuations in space-time are 30 times the mass of our Sun by connecting two black holes. Find out in this video how Lego scientists were able to take these first measurements.

The NASA Uploaded a video Number simulation Carried out with a supercomputer Jeremy Schnitmann, Astronomy In Goddard Space Aviation Center From NASA in the Green Belt, Maryland. It shows the effects on the paths Frequencies Light rays associated with electromagnetic waves propagate in curved spaces produced by two miraculous black holes.

Both Stars Each of the compacts is surrounded by an acceleration disk, which orbits each other. So they have to publish Gravitational waves. This kind of scenario is very believable because we are observing binary supermassive black holes that will eventually merge into some colliding galaxies.. We need to detect these waves in the 2030s Law Mission Elisa.

We may think that these new films will provoke reactions Jean-Pierre Luminate Because he explained on many occasions and with many details in the French and English versions Blog Futura got to him, the first person he calculated in the late 1970s Computer Visual appearance of a black hole surrounded by an accumulating disk.

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We can think of it as the analogy images used for the film Galaxy, He did not see them as real or false.

Relative view of binary supermassive black holes

But if we believe NASA’s report on simulation carried out with the help of Schnitman Data Scientist Brian P. on Supercomputer. Powell Find out In the center Climate simulation From NASA, many effects Body The reality would have been taken into account.

As a result, Jeremy Schnitmann puts it this way: We find two marvelous black holes, one large and 200 small solar masses with one half the mass of a subunit. These are the types Binary systems We hope that both members will be able to maintain the aggregation disks for millions of years. »

One day we can make movies that show some pictures of the dance of light around two amazing black holes that show the same events in this simulation. To get the most accurate French translation, click on the white rectangle in the lower right. English subtitles should appear later. Then click on the nut to the right of the rectangle, then “Subtitles” and finally “Automatically Translate”. Select “French”. © NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center / Jeremy Schnitmann and Brian P. Powell

On the other hand, the red and blue colors for the two black hole aggregation disks for simulation images are not realistic, but only for convenience. They distinguish the two disks. In fact, the theory of accumulation disks for such small objects, with the masses assigned to them, implies that they mainly radiateUV.

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We sometimes see a slight asymmetry between the parts of the rotating disks. This is one reason Doppler effect In particular it changes the frequencies of the radiation Thing Ann Movement Who walks away or approaches the viewer.

An effectMutation Relativity is taken into account, which, by contrast, decreases its magnitude as an object approaches us.

Finally, when we look at the disks vertically, we see a small image of the other around each black hole. This phenomenon is curved, leading to somewhat differentiated images. Appendix.

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