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Dictoc is now available on Samsung smart TVs

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Dictoc moves into the living room: Samsung is now equipping its smart TVs with exclusive use from the content platform.

Watch Dictoc videos on the big screen: The Dictoc-App Can be integrated into all smart TVs from Samsung. You can use the content site without your own dictoc account.

Have with the new smart TV app Samsung And Dictoc Turn the site’s video offerings into a home entertainment experience. The app feeds “for you” and “I follow” and provides a collection of the most popular content on TV. The six sections cover topics such as animals and comedy through gaming and fashion.

Samsung Smart TVs ab 2018

The Dictoc app is now accessible on all Samsung Smart TV models on sale from 2018 onwards. That means all 4K and 8K TVs The Frame, The Serif and The Premiere have this feature. The app can then be downloaded from the App Store on the Samsung Smart TV. The app is already installed on newly purchased TVs as well. This app will only be available to The Zero for the next few weeks.

Mike Henkelman, Samsung’s Director of Marketing Consumer Electronics, is excited: “Adding Dicto to our app menu opens up a whole new entertainment experience. Our QLED technology ensures that owners of Samsung smart TVs will be able to enjoy exciting and entertaining dictatorial works in the future with razor-sharp resolution on a large screen. “

Dictoc for the whole family

With the Dictoc app, users can watch and like popular videos. First, the forbidden mode is set by default to hide content that does not apply to all target groups. Dictoc should become a cross-generational social experience for family and friends.

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To Tobias Henning, general manager of Dictok Germany, the new smart TV application applies to the present: “Many people have been spending more time at home since last year.” Be it DicTok helping families connected by flat shares, couples or shared experiences, Henning says.