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The DOS version of Super Mario Brothers 3 has been released

The DOS version of Super Mario Brothers 3 has been released

of Michael Miskulin
A sports museum has received a real rarity as an unexpected donation in video game history. Presented to a floppy disk museum with the MS-DOS port of Super Mario Brothers 3. This demo was created by the then renowned Studio ID software.

In the 1990s the still-unknown IT software developed the MS-DOS demo version of Super Mario Bros., a game company that could progress with Wolfenstein 3D and Doom a few years later. 3. This rarity in PC history now owns a game museum that was donated on a vague floppy disk.

How Ars Technica The donor of the Super Mario Brothers 3 PC port is said to be a game developer. “He or she did not work on that pitch, instead they got it on their own. I did not expect it in this donation, but it was very exciting,” said Andrew Bormann, digital games curator at the Strong Museum of Play.

Famous PC port for Nintendo game with revolutionary technology

The IT software team created this PC port for MS-DOS PCs in a week in 1990 to obtain a license agreement from Nintendo to build the official port of the NES game. John Garmack developed a special scrolling mechanism that enabled smoother scrolling than was known from other DOS PC games since the 80s. Borman explains, “If you look at the PC games of the era, there are really no liquid scrolling titles that you can find in Nintendo’s hits.”

However, Nintendo rejected the demo pitch of the ID software because the company did not want to see its games on the computer. In the end, the Super Mario Brothers 3 PC port was never realized with revolutionary scrolling technology. By the way, the technology was finally used by IT software and later for DOS Hit Commander Keen (since 1990).

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Earthquake restarts in IT software development – with an invention

The Nintendo Success Demo has four levels. New World 1-4 not yet shown and unknown. The ID software PC port is therefore not the original 1 to 1 copy. The developers also added their own variations on the level structure. John Romero, co-founder of IT software, showed some levels and game of PC port in a video in 2015. The rare floppy disk with the demo of Super Mario Brothers 3 is now stored in a refrigerated container – it should not be on display in the museum.

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