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Joy-Khan invented a very simple method for youtube to fix sliding

Joy-Khan invented a very simple method for youtube to fix sliding

A DIY trick that will be useful to many

The old question of Joy-con drift It continues to haunt players around the world: it seems to be the majority of Joy-Khan Nintendo Switch, Sooner or later, they will suffer from a slippage problem, or are in that situation Analog “hangs” in one direction Even if it is in a neutral position.

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Joy-con slip, as well as all other analog controllers, It cannot be solved at the root Since this is a characteristic of the analog, do not go into details and “get tired” to the point of presenting the skid. The only known solution, until recently, it seemed to be the only one Convert analog.

However, a YouTuber seems to have figured it out The most effective “hack” This may work for many who have enjoyed Joy-Khan skating. In the canal VK’s Channel, This guy posted a video where he explores the problem very carefully and seeks a solution. VK mentions that by putting a little pressure on Joy-Khan, the slip disappears, so he tried. Insert a piece of paper into the analog siteThe result was amazing. He himself admits that he has not experienced any slippage in the last two months after using this method.

Now, it is clear that it is a hack All Joy-Con may not work, And generally it is better for the average user to approach an expert than trying to insert stuff into controllers, but this solution is much easier to use, if you have a Joy-Con out of warranty, maybe It may be worth trying.

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What do you think about this? Have you ever skidded?