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When is the free MOBA for Nintendo Switch released?

When is the free MOBA for Nintendo Switch released?

Pocket monsters give themselves to MOBA. Realized by Tencent Games, Pokemon Unite Try to challenge such giants League of Legends And offers a new way of understanding video games dedicated to Pocket Monsters Nintendo.

When is Pokemon Unit coming out? The multiplayer online battle arena, we remind you, is distributed with the formula to play for free and is ready for free download July 21, 2021. Date Indicates version Nintendo Switch, Which will follow the mobile version: In this regard, visit on computers iOS e Android Happen inside September 2021, Although a specific date has not yet been established.

It should be remembered that Pokemon Unite at the beginning Italian language not available, But the developer Timmy Studios As expected in the post-release content ensured that translation into our language will come in the future. The strategic game will provide team fights in 5 Vs 5: The main objective is to capture as many Pokemon as possible within the allotted time, and at the end of the game the team with the best score will be declared the winner. If you want a definitive taste of how the game works, here you are 30 minute game for Pokemon Unit. More is below List of Pokemon available in Pokemon Unit release.

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