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The developer warns against the "bug that destroys an evil world"

The developer warns against the “bug that destroys an evil world”

Iron Gate, developer Walheim, Advises all players Save worlds and characters, “The error of destroying the evil world is even greater.” “

Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson has died Twitter Warn the community and let the Wolheim players know about it The studio is still trying to recreate the error For once, it means that some players are affected.

This error “appears to occur more frequently if you exit the game using alt + F4, so Svenson points out that you prefer to go through the menu and exit instead.”

If you do not know that Walheim’s worlds and characters are stored by default on your computer along this path, he points out: C: ers Users Username AppData LocalLoc Iron Gate Walheim

It does not hurt to copy this backup file to a safe place …

Despite early access at this time, Walheim was a huge success for Iron Gate. He has already sold one million units in 8 days. It is also on the very popular Steam (peaked at 346,170 this February 14th) and Twitz. If you are wondering why everyone is talking about this, IGN France has published a short analysis on this Viking context in a Viking context. This is not just a debit …

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