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"Achieving the goal is very bad, but we could have scored higher" az

“Achieving the goal is very bad, but we could have scored higher” az

Inter-Lazio, Screenier: “Too bad to achieve the goal, but we could have scored higher” Has a new Instagram account. Come back to follow him. Click here

At the end of the competition between Inter-Lazio, for microphones Ski game, Milan spoke Cabinet : “Lazio are a good team, they come from good results and we know what game is waiting for us. We are happy to have won one-third and could have scored a few more goals. Too bad for an agreed goal, but this is an important sign of success. The stages first? We work to make it so high, and we are happy. We are enjoying success tonight and we are getting ready for the derby from tomorrow. ”

This is the intervention of the Nerasuri Defender a Inter TV:

“Well-prepared match, performance was good even in painful moments. We fought as a team. Important. Team happiness? The third goal gave us relief. We should have scored it. We were very happy.”

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