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Google Drive: This is the new desktop client – can stream instead of copying files (download)


With Google Drive Files and folders are stored very easily as backups in the cloud and are organized with familiar structures. However, so far Google has never fully utilized this advantage and is taking advantage of the new. Google Drive for desktop Finally after. The new application, which can already be downloaded, not only streams the drive file, but also offers a completely different integration with the desktop operating system.

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Google Drive is a strong platform whose roots go back to 2006, when Google acquired the online word processor Wrively (yes, this blog already exists). Today it is integrated with many Google applications and is a core product used for file management, but it is also used for WhatsApp backup, Android backup and some other popular applications.

Users usually load and organize Google Drive directly into the browser or Android application. The tried and tested folder policy for the company can be used: folders are stored in folders, which can be cached as deep as needed. This not only provides users with custom organizational options, but also creates synchronous compatibility, which is not yet fully exploited.

With the initial cessation of backup and sync, which was a dream in terms of functionality and design, the new product “Google Drive for Desktop” is coming into operation. It can already be downloaded and used without any problems, how it works and you will get live download links On this page.

Google Drive: Stop backup and sync – New desktop client with Drive file stream available to all users

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google drive desktop1

Google Drive streams files
‘S great strength Google Drive for desktop Is the “Google Drive File Stream”. It has long been known to workplace users and is now introduced only to all private users. This means the files can only be changed when the user needs them – they are almost streamlined. The best thing about it is that, as a user, you don’t even notice it.

The entire Google Drive content is integrated into Windows Explorer (and Mac) as data is fully available. However, these are only shadow copies listed, but they are not stored in the local archive. Once a file is needed, it is downloaded and opened in the background. If the files are small, this can happen very quickly in the background, and the difference is rarely noticed. If the contents of the file are changed, the change will be automatically saved in the cloud and the downloaded copy will be deleted.

Google Drive does a good job of this process for the first time, it is the Google Drive uploader and at that time backup and sync is incomparable. Backup and sync provided the option to sync selected Google Drive folders with the local driver folder. However, this means that all data must be stored locally on the computer. So you basically need twice as much storage space. The worst implementation that will eventually be replaced.

Drive G
But Google Drive for desktop not only brings the file stream, it also changes the integrated system. Instead of the selected folder as before, it now has its own virtual drive. It is by default given to the appropriate letter G, but can be exchanged for any other letter that is not used. So this is finally a real “G drive” in the truest sense of the word, which works just as one would expect.

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Everything seems more convenient now than ever before, suddenly you can access files that are not even stored on the computer. Previously, this was only possible if the file had already been downloaded to the system. So, if you want to store hundreds of gigabytes in Google Drive and have full access, you can only do so after a long download of entertainment and a large amount of local memory.

google drive desktop3

But as convenient as all of these are, of course there is one big drawback: the files are not stored locally on the computer, but only available in the cloud. If you do not have Internet access, your files will not be accessible – such as a currently unavailable network driver This is definitely a common danger in the cloud, however, as it can be very quickly forgotten due to close contact in Windows Explorer, thus exploding even more.

Make the files available offline
But Google Drive for desktop also has a solution: you can make any file available offline using the context menu. If you select this option, the file will be downloaded and stored permanently in local memory and will be synced further if changes are made. An icon always shows you the status of the file. If the cloud is local the file is synced with the cloud and if the green tick the file is available offline.

Try the new app. For backup and sync users, this is a change in the beginning, but something that is easily achieved and does not want to go back after a short time. With backup and sync setup, Google has no choice …

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» Install Google Drive for desktop

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