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The creator of the Startu Valley announced Ghost Chocolate

The creator of the Startu Valley announced Ghost Chocolate

Ghost Chocolate is the new project of the creator of Startu Valley, who has been working secretly for months. After dedicating nearly ten years to his first game (it still sold 15 million copies), Eric Barron believes he is ready to travel to other frontiers. There are no very distant borders, just be quiet Ghost Chocolate Seems to take the idea at first glance In the Stardew Valley, By placing us here in the boots of a chocolateman coming to a new city. “My new game revolves around the energy of the moon, where Stardev orbits the sun“, He explains A note Released last night.

Early Game Loop first collects the ingredients needed to make chocolate, melts it in a cauldron, explores a city and talks to its people, but above all manages the candy store, where the little ghosts are the pieces for the good customers who sell our beauty. Eric Barron has taken a slightly more exciting direction than his previous game, and wants to mix the management of a store with the appearance of magical and occult events. The basics of the game seem to be slowly falling apart, but there is a tendency to be a mystery about other things Ghost Chocolate Not finished yet, there is still a lot of work to be done before we have a game on our hands.

For now, it is necessary to be satisfied with the simple “growth” without an exit window. This game will be released on PC first, but Eric Barron is eager to release it on all major platforms whenever possible. Let’s take advantage of the fact that my editor-in-chief will not read this article to formalize the black-and-white thing: Puyo, I set aside the test for myself, and that’s how it is.

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