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Windows 11: Microsoft and AMD Raison fix performance issues

Windows 11: Microsoft and AMD Raison fix performance issues

Raison processors can now fully express themselves when used on a Windows 11 running machine.

The release of Windows 11 was very confusing on the AMD page. When we communicate, Raison processor performance Blocked by Microsoft’s new operating system. Performance decline can reach 15% in the worst case scenario, especially in video games.

AMD got in touch very quickly and explained that they were working with the publisher of the organization to find the point of sticking. Quick fixes ensured. The first update for Windows came a week later, but it made the already gloomy situation worse.

The processor manufacturer looks at the end of the tunnel by providing a newer version of its driver for chipsets (AMD chipset driver software Is used in conjunction with Microsoft KB5006746, This update helps to observe a return to normal performance. Note that Microsoft’s link is not yet provided automatically under the Windows update. However, it can be downloaded directly from the publisher site.

Luckily this happened just days before the introduction of the new generation Intel processors of the 12th generation Alder Lake course, which put AMD under pressure. Re-deployment was an urgent need for AMD, otherwise it would have manifested itself in a comparative comparison of performance, with Intel very strongly related to the need to use Windows 11 to get the most out of its hybrid processors. Just in time, then.

Windows 11 Home

Here is the brand new version of Windows, Windows 11 is an evolution of Microsoft’s PC operating system. Faster, better display for many screens, new taskbar, new icons, etc.

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