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Pink peacock

Pink peacock

Writer Gautham Adimi loves beautiful and exciting stories. As for the sound, she tells you a beautiful story of the most amazing birds: a lot of peacock marigolds happen. whats going on?

In a very old town in the south of a golden, dusty, magnificent city with thousands of fountains, there is a large white house, surrounded by blackened iron gates. There are also brown, white, gray and a majestic blue, but above all, there is Zahri. Zahri is the only pink peacock in the world.


After the first two books, The reverse of others (Career Prize 2011) and Gems in my pocket, Published by Gautam Adimi Our wealth (Brix Renatode des Licensing), published in Le Seoul in 2017, was the first publisher of the beloved novel, Albert Camus et al.

In his fourth novel, December children (Threshold), the author, through the story of an empty space, explores today’s Algerian society, with its disappointments, corruption, abuse of power, but also with beliefs. The story announcing the 2019 spring Algerian protests against the regime.


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The team behind “Sound”:

  • Executive Producer: Leonard Billet
  • Production: Lola Costandini
  • Blending: Benjamin Arcret
  • Graphics: Fabian Guevara
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