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Tested in a monkey, brain chips will soon be matched in humans

Tested in a monkey, brain chips will soon be matched in humans

Future warning! Elon Muskin’s company Neuralink wants to fit its chip into the human skull as of this year. But today, it is in the monkey. Descriptions.

In the sky and on the ground

Elon Musk is definitely on all fronts now. He became the richest man in the world in early January, surpassing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with $ 189 billion in assets.

In all nodes and messages. Finished by several Britons Check out the satellites this weekend Starling No. 1 and his company SpaceX (Led by Tesla, a manufacturer of high-end electric vehicles), which did not fail to create illusions and did not heat up the quality of the French Blue Breach Eisel.

There is not a single small Norman village called Saint-Saint-de-Beauvoir (Manche) Opposes installing a new relay antenna, Makes data retrieval possible, so broadband in this area is considered white.

A chip in the human brain this year?

But this is another company of weird millionaires talking about it today: a company that specializes in neuralinks, brain-computer interfaces. A lot of echoes point to the first human brain chip tests scheduled for this year. Elon Musk himself says:

Neuralink works very hard to ensure the safety of implants and is in close contact with the FDA. If things go right, we could do some first human experiments later this year.

To fulfill its purposeImprove human performance for artificial intelligence, Neuralink Has already begun its testing phases. More often than not, it’s the animals that stick with it. If experiments have already been done on pigs (their brains are anatomically close to humans), this is a monkey, which has been leaking ink since this morning. Neuralink really exists A chip was fitted to a monkey’s brain, which allowed him to think and play a video game: Pong, Table tennis simulation was published in 1972.

Bluetooth data and multiplayer mode

The brain chip, from the neuralgia inserted into the monkey’s skull, is the size of a small coin Without wires, electrodes and housing. Thus making it less visible and reducing infections. It sends the wireless data to a machine via Bluetooth so that the latter analyzes them and responds to them.

A good megalomaniac, Elon Musk wants to go further and try his technique on other monkeys Test the multiplayer mode. He is well known for bridging the gap between New technology And medicine. His brain might allow chips People with disabilities can easily communicate with their smartphone or computer. Also, this is a question Cure neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

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