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Tailwind for Apple - - Latest Apple News and Discounts on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Tailwind for Apple – – Latest Apple News and Discounts on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Harvard Business Review supports Apple’s anti – surveillance measures.

In a new article on the subject, the magazine specifically shoots against Facebook. Reports from the social network against anti-surveillance features that are part of iOS 14 are false.

Is Apple Harmful to Small Businesses?

For example, Facebook claims that Apple’s exposure to the use of ad IDs that can track user behavior beyond its use is detrimental to small businesses.

In doing so, Facebook mixes two things: revenue from advertising and revenue from advertising. Facebook insists that small businesses build on the former, which often happens.

Yes, small businesses advertise on Facebook and benefit from ad IDs that track users. But these users do not have to be end product buyers. In many cases, a loyal user site shopping elsewhere, despite advertising, earns the bulk of small business revenue.

The study data were exposed as incorrect

In support of its claims, Facebook cited a Deloitte study that found that more and more small businesses use online advertising during epidemics.

This has been exposed as false by the post – which further aggravates Facebook’s already questionable allegations against Apple.

Via 9to5Mac/ Photo: Pixabe

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