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Clear Ideas "Download" Pachyochi: "We are the opposition, he takes his blame"

Clear Ideas “Download” Pachyochi: “We are the opposition, he takes his blame”

Places – With a serious attack on Facebook, Dino Primari’s list cancels the terms of a possible deal with the commissioner

Arte - Diego Pacchiocchi

Arte – Diego Pacchiocchi

Dino Primarie

Dino Primarie

Places – (AC) – With a fierce attack on his Facebook page, IdeaClear puts an end to rumors of a goodwill (or goodwill) with Public Works Commissioner Diego Pacchiocchi, the latest from this announcement, Italy, with its withdrawal of support for Mayor Angelo Giuliani as coordinator of Fradelli d.

After the news of the split between the Melonists and the mayor-led group (which has been in the air for some time now), the fury of rumors about Pacquiao’s future began: does it agree with the opposition, which makes its own list, to avoid a turn to contest regional elections or to advance with Giuliani?

More or less realistic scenarios that the commissioner did not contribute to clarify, due to the fact that his “no” to Giuliani will only be effective when the current decree expires: for now, in fact, Fradelli’s co-ordinator Italy is firmly in the majority.

Considering the impossibility of a political agreement between the Italian Brothers and the Democrats, Idea Clear represented the only opportunity for Pacquiao to unite with an opposition, which has always maintained a non-discriminatory civil list dimension. Moreover, according to various sources, an attempt at dialogue between the parties has actually taken place.

But in recent days if the former mayor’s group of premiers had been in office against the councilor, the negotiations with two difficult posts on Facebook would not have gone exactly right.

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“In his recent statements – the idea was clearly written – Pacquiao confirmed that the common horizon is a Hodge badge, which has ridiculed citizens with a baronic plan that has not been achieved in five years, and that the next mayor will find the ruins in Palazzo Nusi”.

The Premier Committee continues to define the commissioner as “the untouchable of the Giuliani regime” by saying that “Pacquiao is co-responsible for all these ruins.”

“His colleagues – continuing in office – have left the common horizon so as not to be complicit in this catastrophe. Instead he is not pulling the plug, he is already putting his hands forward.”

“Provoking suspension” and “speaking as a minority councilor” is the latest barrage against Pacquiao. Clear ideas, in fact, he is keen to point out the distance: “We are the opposition, we are not cheating”.

With the exception of the hypothesis-agreement, the ID clarifies the notion that Pacquiao “works on a plan to provide a political list on the right (c), where various Rotelli will decide on Wittereby Art”.

A possible perspective, but it does not take into account Giuliani’s presence and instead he is not ready to leave. Even when the idea is clear, after this obvious closure in Pacquiao, it puts a huge mortgage on the future, the exact plans of which are not yet known.

February 9, 2021