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Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Hand-On Certification Nintendo Connect

Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Hand-On Certification Nintendo Connect

We had the opportunity Metroid Fear Play at Nintendo’s new offices in Frankfurt. The OLED model of the Nintendo Switch gave us two hours to install there Metroid Fear Can play portable mode. Accordingly, we would like you to take us on a trip in the first hour Metroid Fear And a few words about the OLED model of the Nintendo Switch. Test report by Metroid Fear It goes this way.

Since the main focus for us was on a game, since we only played this on one site, it is not possible to directly compare it to the “old” Nintendo Switch, and (indirectly) we can say nothing about the best color brightness, which is the path of the rainbow Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Drawing screen. Nevertheless, when we first picked it up we noticed the high quality case of the device. We do not mean it to be Joy-Khan because it is the same as we have known since it was released in March 2017.

The OLED model of the hybrid console was announced by Nintendo in July Metroid FearOn October 8, 2021. It combines the versatility of a Nintendo Switch with a 7-inch OLED screen, a wide adjustable position and more.

The new model is as wide and tall as the current Nintendo Switch console, but has a larger 7-inch OLED screen with more intense colors and more variations. The OLED display is believed to have a very clear image and good brightness. The 6.2-inch LCD to 7-inch OLED is instantly noticeable. But, without the 720p resolution at hand, it now looks pixelated, or the display of a regular Nintendo Switch is now sharper when going on a train later. Unlike the Nintendo 3DS XL, the pixels in it are simply inflated, meaning the games always appear a little blurry.

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The OLED switch had no “automatically adjust brightness” function in the Home Button menu, which was definitely due to the bright office space. Our video team is curious to see how dark the games are Metro 2033 The OLED screen will indicate if they can be bright enough by themselves and how dark the really dark areas are now. As a reminder: it is – as it was before In our game test Mentioned – because the mixing in Nintendo Switch’s portable mode is too dark, the enabled functionality of the automatic brightness has damaged the gaming experience and has not been improved by the developers.

Unfortunately, we can not play outside or against the sun, which is why we can not say anything about the OLED display in the garden or on bus and train journeys. Unfortunately, Nintendo did not want us to take the console home with us – stupidly, “Don’t laugh – mine!” Some

The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) has a wide, adjustable position for use in table mode, a new station with a LAN connection for standard internet connection and 64 GB of internal storage. The new stand seems to be very valuable and stable, but has not been able to create a concept equivalent to everyday use on the spot. In addition, there are integrated speakers, which, according to the trailer and press release at the time, “ensure high quality sound when playing in portable or table mode”. We were able to get an impression that, to put it mildly, did not make the big jump when we tried it. Nevertheless, they feel better towards the player, thus making it clear.

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We especially noticed the grille and top buttons, i.e. the Power Button and the Volume Control. The buttons were close to the case, which is why we actually swiped several times while focusing on the game. The power button is now deep in the housing in a gap and the back of the grill console looks like it has become a piece.

If you are thinking about buying a Nintendo Switch (OLED model) to replace the old model of the hybrid console, you should consider whether these changes are effective. But if you occasionally play in portable mode and gamble on TV, you will benefit less from the new model.

The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will be released on October 8, 2021 – the same day Metroid Fear, Continued Metro merger At the same time the latest addition to the 2D Android range that comes with the original Metroid Launched for NES.

  • TV mode: The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) can be placed on the station so that the Nintendo Switch software can run on the TV screen. By using an integrated LAN connection, players can use another connection option to the Internet in TV mode.
  • Schedule method: The wide, adjustable position on the back of the console provides a firm and secure position. You play console shares Joy-con and play together.
  • Portable mode: In portable mode, users can take their console with them wherever they go and enjoy local or online multiplayer games with their friends. The 7-inch OLED screen has an intense color display and high contrast.
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There are two color options for the output:

  • Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) – White: This version includes White Joy-Con, Black Console and White Station.
  • Nintendo Switch (OLED-Model) – Neon-Road / Neon-Blow: This version includes neon red and neon blue joy-con, black console and black station.

One thing Nintendo unfortunately missed: Headphones have Bluetooth support since the firmware was updated to version 13.0.0. We have Bluetooth 5.0 with our external adapter from Genki – Nintendo Switch and LED model but only 4.3. Unfortunately, due to Nintendo’s approach, my headphones are late. So the opportunity to upgrade to the OLED variant Bluetooth 5.0 was missed here, which would definitely not be more expensive. Awful!

Overall, the console made a valuable and good impression. We look forward to seeing how it is in everyday life, and we will tell you about it as soon as we put it (again) in our hands from October 8, 2021.