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Test: Should the Nintendo Switch be OLED, or the most terrifying evolution?

Test: Should the Nintendo Switch be OLED, or the most terrifying evolution?

After spending 10 days in real condition with my Nintendo Switch OLED, here is what I have to say briefly about it.

This is the best version of Nintendo Switch. So, while it is true that the definition of screen reaches its limits, it is clear that while the games on the Nintendo Switch Lite are superior, the overall result is still much more flattering to the eye than the basic switches. I especially like the very thin edges of the screen.

We owe a lot to that color punch in the “clear color” mode in the options. Without this option, the switch will end up with colors closer to the IPS screens, plus the depth of blacks.

In my opinion, if you are a true fan of Switch, you should check out Joycon’s new color, big screen, great variations and perfect blacks. Especially if you play games like MetroD in complete darkness, you will have the intention of watching the sets floating in the air … If you play a lot in portable mode and at home, you will explode. The new stand allows you to play at the table or while doing your homework (spoiler: it’s rude, do not do it).

On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time gaming on public transportation or looking for a console to carry around with you everywhere, Switchlight seems to me to be a great alternative. Cheaper, lighter, more solid, it’s the best solution for playing everywhere, without having to worry about attracting attention with its console, or being afraid to damage it as it is sold for bread in the store.

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Finally, if you already have a Nintendo Switch (for example the Mario Collector or Animal Crossing Collector), but you spend a lot of time playing on the TV, the OLED switch is completely useless: it is true that the dock is very practical. LAN port, but honestly, if you do not play online or very little, it will not be useful … In addition, you can buy a USB Ethernet socket for your old dock and TADAAAA! Here’s a new Nintendo Switch Doc!

In short, my conclusion is that this OLED switch is suitable for those who do not have a switch yet, mainly for those who operate the switch at home in portable mode or for Nintendo fans. For others, it may take another 2 or 3 years to land the new Nintendo console!