The Christmas season is still in a corner and there is plenty of time for video games. With the help of our Christmas raffle, you get the chance to win an extra Nintendo Switch game as a small Christmas gift.

Many people spend their holidays and vacations on video games. Appropriately, a number of games will also appear ahead of the Christmas festivities. We are not interested in which games you are happiest at the most thoughtful time of the year, but which video game character you would like to spend the Christmas season with. The selection is huge and there are no limits to your creativity!

We will raffle once for fun, very creative or well thought out ideas Pokemon Shining Diamond, Hot Wheels Unleashed and Snow Runner For the Nintendo Switch. Many thanks to Nintendo, Koch Media and our partners in Astrakhan for the gifts. You can talk about your answers December 26, 2021 Let us know about concerns and comments Facebook, Twitter Or let us know by email. We wish you good luck!

Terms of participation and data protection information

All persons over the age of eighteen and having primary residence in the Federal Republic of Germany are eligible to participate. Minor users need a pledge of approval from a parent or legal guardian. NMag employees and rival partners are excluded from the raffle. All persons who meet the desired requirements participate in the raffle. If no participant meets the requirements, prizes will be awarded equally among all participants. Raffle winners will be notified in writing by email upon completion of the competition. You have 72 hours to contact us. Otherwise, other participants will have a chance to win according to the same competition rules. By participating in the competition, you agree to save and process your data for the purpose and duration of the competition. Possible exchange of data such as postal address and name to contest partners is allowed to send prizes by participating in the competition. After the match, personal data will be deleted. Winners will not be named on our communication channels for data security reasons. The deadline for entries is December 26, 2021, with the final decision of the arbitrators. Very lucky!

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