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BioShock: The Collection

BioShock 4: Possible release date and location revealed – ntower

The Bioshock-trilogy Undoubtedly one of the best snipers of the last few years. If the first two topics take you to the underwater rapture, Part 3 sent you to Columbia’s Flying Castle. All three games can be purchased for the Nintendo Switch. Some time ago, the publisher confirmed that the new part of the 2K series was working. Today we can give you the first details.

Commented on the latest version of the popular Sacred Symbols podcast Journalist Colin Moriarty About the yet unofficially designated BioShock 4. The developer behind the game Cloud Chamber Both. These are intended to publish the title 2022 At. The location of the adventure was also discussed.


It was formed in the 1960s in the Antarctic city known as Borealis. [Das Spiel] Codenamed ‘Parkside’ … I was told that the development team had an incredible chance of getting it right. That seems right to me.

Internally, the game is very secretive and completely under lock and key. They know what to compare this game to [BioShock-Schöpfer] Ken Levine does. Accidentally released [Take-Two] Levine’s next game.

Do you already have experience with the BioShock range?

Source: Nintendo-Life

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