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Telegraph update: Messages are now automatically deleted

Telegraph update: Messages are now automatically deleted

You can set when deleting messages in the future in Telegram.

BWith chat shows it’s like real life now: confusing, decent. The Messenger service brings everyone who wants to keep track of things Telegraph Automatic deletion function. This means chat is not overflowing and you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Delete chats after 24 hours

If you set up self-deleting messages on WhatsApp, they will disappear from the chat after seven days. The Telegram thinks so. Auto-delete time can be set to 24 hours or seven days. Telegraph only deletes messages after the timer is activated. Once the message is sent, the countdown begins, so Messenger does not wait for the message to open and read like Snapshot, for example.

Run the timer: Here’s how

Do you want to use the timer? To do this, tap the three vertical dots on Android, and then Clear history And timer. On iOS, press and hold a message Choose, Top left Empty chat And Enable automatic deletion. To view the countdown, tap the message on Android. On iOS, press and hold the message.

Invitation links expire

As with outdated messages, there are now expired invitation attachments. In addition to the main invitation link, administrators have the option of creating links with a specific duration, number of applications, or both. They convert links into scannable QR codes and distribute them on business cards or posters. Procedure: Now you know which invitation link members used. It tells you where they came from and which application was most effective. For Invitation Links, click on your group or channel profile To edit, Invitation Links *. To display the QR code, select three horizontal or vertical dots.

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